Wealth Building – True Secrets of the Wealthy Mentors

Wealth building is still a mystery to many. This is the age where money is plentiful but wealth is frustratingly elusive to most. But there is an elite group of the very wealthy who have found their secrets to success. These are the secrets of wealth building that elude the vast majority of people. It is my testimonial that the fastest and most lasting wealth is learning from great mentors. In this article, I will reveal where you can find them and it will surprise you to find out who they may be.

Let us discuss a little about what wealth is. It causes much confusion and angst when wealth is mistaken for what it is not. Money is not wealth it is a part of wealth. There are many things in life that describes wealth. Just ask a child or an aged person what wealth means to them. You will get surprisingly similar answers. You might get an answer like a great family, friends, comfort, respect, dignity, a toy, good food, and sometimes money. So as long as we understand what wealth truly means, we can move on to the main topic.

This is my story. This is a story as much about my personal development as it is about being able to learn and build great fortunes over and over again. Yes, it is about your finances as much as having a great family. You see I grew up on a farm, but one day, as a young man in my late teens and living through one of the worst periods of my life, I stumbled across four of the wealthiest men I had ever known. As fate would have it, they became my mentors. But truth be told, it was they who maneuvered me into their world of high flyers and jet-setters. I had to learn the hard way. It was certainly no free ride.

Now, I can most assuredly tell you that growing up a country boy and being thrown into the world of high finance and international business is about as much a culture shock as jumping into a stormy sea without learning to swim. It was terrifying at first. It was sink or swim. And without the strong helping hands and guidance of my mentors I would most certainly have been shark food.

So, who were my mentors? I had already mentioned these four business men. The main reason they had decided to hire and mentor me was because of my demeanor; my upbringing. They wanted to know how it was that I had learned all those social skills and the ancient ways of culture. I then realized there were actually more mentors in my life. They were the true mentors that teach you the life skills that become incredibly important as you journey thorough life. These business mentors actually valued what I had already learned as treasures of mankind.

My early mentors then were in my life situation, my maternal grandmother who was essentially my mother and my paternal grandfather who played the role of father to me. Grandmother taught me to give aid to people to help them get on their feet. She would never allow a child to go hungry; even the lost children that lived on the streets in the days of my childhood. Grandfather taught me the importance of building the family. The family is a great part of your wealth building foundation. He made sure I was introduced to the skills of working well in any situation. He gave me the knowledge of the ancient world; the old texts and philosophies of building wealth.

Are these people my only mentors? Let me explain. They were the most impacting in my life because they were the ones that guided me in my formative years; first as I grew up and then as I was a total neophyte of international business. Together, they formed my foundations to greater things in life.

I appreciate your reading to this point. Therefore I shall offer you the same advice my early mentors gave me. In fact, in one voice, the common pieces of advice they drummed into me were:

1) value what others try to teach you (be humble, even a child can teach you),

2) a teacher will always appear as one is ready to learn (i.e. always be ready to learn something productive),

3) ask to learn about something from knowledgeable people and offer something of equal or greater value in return (not necessarily money, it may be a service or a piece of expertise),

4) do these things over and over again throughout your life (remember the lifelong learning).

Now that I have identified what you must do to find your mentors, let us journey on and find your mentors. After all, that was the promise. But before I do, let us reiterate the importance of having mentors in your life for your ultimate success in life. Remember, mentors are people who have already gained wisdom in that part of life in which you do not already have. And that may be anyone, even a child.

Here are where you can find your mentors, and who they may be:

1) parental figures (parents, grandparents, relatives, etc.),

2) a person or people whose career or expertise you have a strong interest in (a banker, a business person, a doctor, a fisherman, a jeweler, etc.),

3) these days, you can even hire one and there are many great ones available (very commonly these mentors have a following of people, or content that is of very special interest to you, in fact, often you can actually make more money using the system or principles that you learn),

4) accept an apprenticeship if ever a person you greatly admire offers it to you (make very sure it is a win-win situation for both, be fully respectable),

5) do the above all over again in any part of the world or any part of your life that you wish to strengthen or even to renew.

If you have noticed, I have not named anybody simply because the mentor for you is someone that may mean little to another person. Remember the teacher appearing when the student is ready?

Now, it is your turn to do a lot of homework. I did my mentor search for my wealth building as though my life depended on it. How much does your life mean to you? Often, many people ask if it is all worthwhile as they have to commit to a life that is no longer like the one they now live. This is absolutely true. You will change your life and lifestyle sometimes almost completely. It all depends on the type of life you wish to have.

As for myself, I much prefer to live the live of holidays, beautiful homes, less worry, great interesting people, enjoy great health, a smiling child, and even giving a hand to a needy soul without starving myself. I have been in abject poverty, homeless, starving, so ill death was preferable, my crying child, and starving when saving fellow human being.

Yes, being the jet-setter and flying high is much more preferable to being stuck in the quagmire of despair. Which kind of life would you rather have?

1) The life of a mentored and successful financial genius.

2) The life of a lost soul on the planet.

3) Or your own life right now?

My choice is clear. It is my hope that you will find yours.

The ancient world secrets are truly a compelling way to build your understanding of building your generational wealth. You can get a greater understanding of this by downloading a free report, “The Social Destruction of Wealth Imperative” at this site. The author has been in business for over 3 decades, mostly in the very competitive international business arena. He has taught and mentored many people in the field of true wealth building with personal development and business.

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Did you know that the top 1% earn 20% of the income and own 30% of the world’s wealth? So what do the top 1 % of wealth builders seem to do that the other 99% don’t?

There is a formula to amassing great wealth that can be learned and put into action immediately. Throughout the ages to the present, the greatest minds and the greatest wealth builders have used a secret factor called Entrepreneurial Leverage. Leverage is: less is more. Leverage can also be defined as making a disproportionately high rate of return from a relatively small input, effort or investment. Leverage is borrowing money, resources, talents, knowledge, and people to grow the value the entrepreneur sees ahead of the market (their vision).

Each of us has a calling or purpose. Research shows that almost 70 % of people are mismatched with their jobs, careers and their companies. They are not living the life of their dreams.

To be entrepreneurial, you have to realize the government is not going to make you wealthy. Rarely, will you grow wealthy with stocks, bonds, houses or trading forex and commodities (unless you are managing other people’s money – ideal leverage for them to make a fortune, not you).

You must learn that jobs do not provide security or wealth. Investing, owning your business or income producing real estate has been where wealth has been created. Being an executive in a growth company, getting a salary and options, helps. Being a celebrity or an employee of a growth company at the beginning is another way. Managing money for others, as in money management or hedge funds, is also a path.

However, when you boil it down, most people are left with companies and income producing real estate as options. But, you say, 55% of businesses fail within 4 years. Well, just think of how much you have lost in the stock market, your 401K, and your house. On average, people are down 25% to 40% if they are honest with themselves. Now that’s risky.

Do you think your financial planners or stockbrokers know much more than you? Few do. Otherwise, you’d be making money, not just them.

Fact: the average American has less than $20,000 investible assets. However, the top 1%, as stated, earns over 20 % (that’s 20 x the average!) of income and control over 30 % of the wealth (that’s 30X the average!). Do what they do? Utilize the art of leverage as explained in the following:

You need to think of leverage as a means of concentrating your power. If you focus the sunlight through a magnifying glass, it will burn a leaf. When you use a crowbar, you focus your body’s energy in order to pry open objects that can’t be separated by human hands alone.

We transfer the focus of energy and force in such a way that we can use a much smaller effort to get an optimal result or what I call positive leverage. In today’s age of speed and the Internet, you must achieve positive leverage to stay in the game.

However, without that concentration, you will achieve negative leverage, where much hard work will produce disproportionately small returns. When you are in a negative-leverage situation, you are doing the same things over and over with little or nothing to show for it. You experience diminishing returns. Negative leverage becomes enormously frustrating and energy draining.

Most people and companies fail before they start toward achieving a vision or goal.

Let’s take a company as an example. Most companies fail before they get out of the gates because they do not offer a compelling solution that in the minds of their potential customer is a high priority-a must-have.

What I am saying is that most failures can be traced back to the preparation. Famous golfer Jack Nicklaus stated that 85% of the golf swing is in the setup.

Just as Jack Nicklaus learned the fundamentals from his coach, the greatest wealth builders and minds learned through apprenticeships. The steps to wealth and fortunes through the ages: Trade your skills, knowledge and talents for a piece of the action (ownership).

1. Go on the internet and find companies that align with your purpose.

2. Call them.

3. Tell them you’ll work for free to build their business. Most need help. Many of them can’t market, sell well or write very well. You will learn on their dime to be aligned with your purpose. You will earn a piece of the action or more skills.

Sound crazy?

Here are 4 more success strategies:

1. Have an outrageous, unreasonable goal! Small goals won’t sustain you.

2. The key to wealth is relationships. Be a networker. Listen for opportunities.

3. Welcome the craziest ideas. Most people immediately reject an idea; instead, do the opposite. Why? You start to learn what people are thinking and how they present themselves. Per chance, you may find the opportunity of a lifetime.

4. You can match up those with money to those with opportunities. That is what the wealthiest people in the world do. Think Goldman Sachs.

Soon, you will see more opportunities than you ever dreamed.

Where do you go to find the best deals?

Go to seminars, many are free. There are angel capital networks where entrepreneurs with their deals meet investors. When you go to these events often you find that it is a matching game like dating. The idea is to put together the right matches.

Entrepreneurs commit to things and then run around to find the resources. Investors typically commit and often don’t have the full amount of the capital that they are committing. This means that there are gaps between entrepreneurs and investors’ resources and capital, which always creates potentially great opportunities for the person or company that can fill in the gaps.

Just remember, there will always be gaps and opportunities in up or down markets. If you miss one opportunity, there is always another.

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Hairdressing Apprenticeships and Jobs – Get a Foundation Degree in Hair Design

If you are entering the world of hairdressing then you will soon become familiar with the term Foundation degrees. It is imperative that hairdressing students gain as much knowledge and develop the necessary skills to make them competent and successful within the industry. This is where the Foundation degrees comes into play because they offer higher education qualifications. The basis for this is a partnership with potential employers to see that the student is meeting the standards and criteria of the Industry.

The foundation degree is flexible which really meets the needs of all potential students. It can be taken either on a full time or part time basis. This goes a long way in affording the individual who is currently working to embark on another career without having to quit their current job. This reduces much of the financial burden that is often placed on a student.

The courses that are within the Foundation degrees are structured to ensure that they are pertinent to the Industry which in this case in Hairdressing. The Foundation degree is a joint venture between the educational directors and the potential employers. This type of partnership insures that the level of training being offered meet the requirements of the present time demands. The knowledge is not becoming stale or outdated. As the student is learning the textbook theory, they are also gaining the practical or hands on knowledge in the salon environment. This type of training seems to far enhance the learning abilities of the student. Being able to put into practice what one is learning is a definite advantage to education.

Being involved in an agreed partnership like this means that the employer is fully aware of the student requirements, such as needing time off to write exams for example. This reduces the stress of the student having to approach an outside employer for time off.

As we mentioned this Program has either full time or part time options. Students that have competed their first level or A Level at College find it a great opportunity to progress from the completion of their college segment right into this program. If this is the choice then it will take two years to fully complete the foundation degree. This is naturally a much quicker method for the student to attain their overall goal of becoming a hairdresser.

There are some students though that cannot utilize the full time program because of various reasons. For example, they may be in the midst of a career changes and finances require they continue working at an unrelated job while in training for their new chosen career of hairdressing. This means the end goal will not be met until approximately 3-4 years, depending on the time availability of the student.

Beyond this degree, the graduate can venture onto an Honors degree if they wish to advance within the industry. This doesn’t take as long as one would think; in fact, it can be achieved within 12-15 months.

This type of training partnership opens the doors for many individuals desiring to become a hairdresser that would not under normal circumstances have the same opportunity.

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Become An Electrician – Your Electrician Apprenticeship Choices

Have you considered your electrician apprenticeship possibilities? Here’s a few of them:

1. The Union Apprenticeship Training Course

This electrician apprenticeship training program is developed by the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the Electrical Industry, and it’s the most popular program for anyone seeking to become an electrician. This training program is offered by many associated local training committees nationwide, and it’s considered to be one of the finest apprenticeship training courses in the country.

2. State Backed Apprenticeship Training Programs

These apprenticeship training courses are financed by the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee as well as the sizeable electrical companies in the region. These training courses are put in place by these firms to instruct their entry level personnel, which is just the thing for anybody who prefers consistent long term employment as an electrician. Having said that, if you are hoping to become a private electrician as soon as you go through your apprenticeship, it is not recommended.

3. Military service Electrician Apprenticeship

A frequently disregarded apprenticeship training program is the course in the U.S. Armed service. An armed forces electrical apprenticeship can offer you electrician training and pay more in comparison to a civilian apprenticeship. Once you have finished your military services training and fulfilled your compulsory duration of military service, you can choose to continue in the military as an electrician or transfer your know-how to a civilian role.

Picking An Electrical Specialization For Your Apprenticeship

When you have chosen which electrician apprenticeship you’d go for, you’ll need to determine what specialization you’d want. There are 4 typical specializations you can pick from, including:

1. Outside Lineman

The outside lineman’s job is to transport electric power from power stations to local service locations by way of electrical lines. As an outside lineman, you’re going to work with high voltage lines regularly, and be asked to work in bad weather conditions and at great heights.

2. Inside Wireman

An inside wireman’s responsibility is to transfer electric power from the local power supply to the various electrical structures within industrial and commercial buildings. Being an inside wireman, you’ll be performing a wide range of duties, from set up to servicing and repair. Should you would rather concentrate on residential jobs, you may opt to become a residential wireman as an alternative.

3. Installer Technician

The installer technician’s job is to deploy the communication and data networks for a building. As an installer technician, you’re going to be in control of coordinating and configuring these networks to ensure that they are in good shape.

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